Slovenian PIAAC Consortium

In Slovenia, the PIAAC Survey is implemented by the Consortium of partner institutions consisting of:

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, the leading partner in the Consortium

For over 20 years, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education has been the leading public institution for research and development, quality and education, counselling and evaluation as well as promotion and information activities in the field of adult education.

Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia

Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia is the main producer and coordinator of national statistics in Slovenia. In addition to coordination and unification of the statistical system, its most important tasks include international cooperation, determination of methodological and classification standards, anticipation of user needs, gathering, analysing and presenting data and ensuring their confidentiality.

University of Ljubljana

University of Ljubljana is an institution with rich tradition and was founded in 1919 after a long tradition of imparting knowledge. It is known for its quality programmes, prepared according to Bologna Declaration guidelines, in the fields of social studies, sciences, humanities and technical disciplines. The scientific work of the university researchers and research groups can be seen in cutting-edge projects in the fields of arts, sciences and technologies in Slovenia and abroad.

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV), a member of the University of Ljubljana, is the largest interdisciplinary social sciences faculty in Slovenia as well as among the largest faculties of its kind in Europe.

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Economics (EF), a member of the University of Ljubljana, is the leading educational and scientific institution in the field of business and economic education in Slovenia. It is also well established within the wider international educational sphere.

Faculty of Arts (Department of Educational Sciences)

Faculty of Arts (FF), a member of the University of Ljubljana, educates students to be open minded and capable of critical thinking and produces experts in the fields of humanities and social sciences as well as teachers of all these disciplines.

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