PIAAC survey in Slovenia

Slovenia participated in the second round of the Survey (2012-2016). PIAAC in Slovenia is implemented in the scope of the ESC Project Measuring the effectiveness of education and training to improve the competences of adult educators between the years 2013 and 2015. The Project is financed by the European Social Found and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. It is implemented by a Consortium of partners, the leading partner being the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education in cooperation with Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia and three faculties of the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts - Department of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Economics).

The Slovenian Project is composed of two key parts. The empirical part includes the adaptation of the OECD PIAAC methodology and the gathering of data on competences based on a random sample of the adult population of Slovenia, aged 16 to 65, according to households, more specifically 1500 in the pilot survey and 5000 in the main survey. The PIAAC field research plan includes a thorough background questionnaire to collect socio-demographic characteristics and the instruments to test the skills and competences via computer. The main particularity of the Slovenian Survey is that the goals of the Project are not limited to the OECD PIAAC - Programme for International Assessment of Adult Competences (data gathering in the field) goal but also analytic and applicative national goals. The gathered database will be one of the richest databases in Slovenia and will allow numerous comparisons, analysis and cross-sectional studies.

The Survey has a huge national importance, not only in the field of adult education but also for other sub-systems and departments. Since the Survey results will support the planning of sector policies, the ministers and representatives of seven ministries informed the public of the importance of the PIAAC Survey for individual departments at the 2014 press conference. Due to the scope and importance of the PIAAC Survey, the Minister of Education established - for the first time in connection with any international survey - a National Coordination of PIAAC under the Education Development Office.

In the years 2013 and 2014, the Slovenian PIAAC Consortium implemented the pilot and the main PIAAC Survey, which included over 6500 adults between the ages of 16 and 65. At the same time, work was undertaken to reach the applicative national goal. Theme studies and analyses are planned by an interdisciplinary group of 25 researchers from all the partner institutions in the Consortium. The results of the PIAAC Survey in Slovenia will be published this summer, after the OECD embargo on the second round data will be dropped.

Individual researchers in the PIAAC Consortium are focused on finding connections between the competences and the current needs on the labour market, they study co-influence of the competences on social and economic achievements of individuals and society and assess to what extent the educational system ensures that adults, youth and vulnerable groups receive the necessary competences.

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